Our philosophy is centered around PREVENTION of dental problems.

And where dental problems already exist, our Philosophy is centered around CONSERVATIVE, PREDICTABLE, DURABLE, and AFFORDABLE solutions for our patients.

You will see that we are committed to these core concepts.



We take pride in knowing that our general dentists are committed to excellent care.  And we also take pride in knowing that our general dentists can refer you to our dental specialists for advanced care.

Need an Implant or Gum Care? We have a Periodontics Specialist for that.

Need tooth alignment or TMJ relief?  We have an Orthodontics Specialist for that.

Need a root canal?  We have an Endondontics Specialist for that.

Need a Wisdom Tooth Pulled?  We have an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Specialist for that.


We have a multi-department facility easily accessed by car, red-line, bus, or bike.  We maintain the latest in technological advances, including Cat Scan Technology for patients with complex x-ray needs, Low Radiation Digital X-rays for patient needing more standard dental imaging, and Microscope endodontics for the highest quality root canals available.

We take pride in our commitment to cleanliness, sterilization, customer service, technology, and quality results.


Incomplete knowledge is the root of dental disease (for example, my enamel is soft- myth). Our goal is to educate you, empower you, and help you protect yourself. After experiencing our education, we expect our patients to have little need for restorative dental care in the future! That is not a joke. It is your future if you pay attention to our conservative guidance!

We look forward to guiding and serving you with our preventative care, conservative restorative care, and educational approach.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Christina is very professional with what she does and super friendly!! I totally recommend this to anyone who needs work done on their teeth.
Cindy Torres

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Amazing doctors there, especially the Endo, Perio and Oral Surgery!!! I do recommend! Best front desk ever.

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I love this place, I never felt unconfortable and they helped me a lot figuring out a payment plan best fits me.
Domara Avelino

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Awesome dentist! Loved the attitude and vibe. Front desk and staff was awesome! 😀
Taissa Sofiatti

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